Elijah Noll Releases New Single, “Nova Scotia”

Limbic System, the debut album from Zealyn, marks a new direction for Los Angeles-based former pop singer. Zealyn talks about the new album, the switch from pop to alternative/electronic music and plans for the rest of 2016. 


Los Angeles alternative soul artist Elijah Noll released his infectious new single “Nova Scotia”, a track inspired by the time he spent in the Canadian Province as a kid and his journey back after being left alone with a broken heart. The song demonstrates Noll’s most emotional work to date as he pours his heartache out through R&B leaning vocals over a chilled out backbeat. You can stream “Nova Scotia” on Spotify or Soundcloud now. 

A note from Elijah Noll:

“<3 this symbol represents strength and the courage to overcome your hardships. i chose to use the heart shape because it’s part of my personal story. when i was 15, i had open heart surgery to fix a heart malfunction that i was born with. this was just a few years after i lost my dad from cancer, and although i was in a really tough place, i’m grateful because one of the little treasures built into the darkness of the situation was that i got to speak to my dads spirit in person in the midst of a post surgery morphine haze. i was in the ICU, two rooms down from the room that i watched him leave this reality, and it was one of the most insane experiences i’ve ever had.  now i have an artificial heart valve and i sound like a walking clock, it’s kinda tight. we all have our own stories and our own hardships, and i want my story to be one of triumph and inspire anybody else out there who’s in a dark place to keep pushing and trudge through the shit storm. it’s so worth it, and we can do it together <3”