Boundaries Share New Single, “Blush”

Apostasy is a special release for Baltimore prog-rock/post hardcore band Megosh for multiple reasons. Not only does it mark the first full-length release from the band, but it was also crafted with care, as Megosh ventured to a Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina for three weeks to write the album, learning quite a bit about themselves in the process. 

Connecticut hardcore metal upstarts, Boundaries have released their new single “Blush” today, along with the accompanying video. The new track marks the announcement that their upcoming EP, My Body In Bloom, will be released February 22nd on Unbeaten Records. On “Blush”, Boundaries expertly builds anxiety and panic, bringing listeners to a nail-biting breaking point within seconds.

Speaking about the new single, Matthew McDougal (vocals) says: “Blush is about the types of relationships that I saw my mother enter with men after my father left. It’s about the duality of love and destruction, the need for attention to feel important and dealing with violence and danger in the home to get it, because at least you’re not alone. Always thinking things are just around the corner from being better and the sacrifices you make along the way to keep those bad people in your life, the trade offs in your safety and health just to keep making excuses for them and for yourself.”