G6 Shares Debut Single, “Pilot”

Rising Florida rapper G6 has unveiled his debut single “Pilot” today.

Over a slick beat, his rhymes take flight on the verses before delivering a hypnotic hook. The track showcases his sky-high range and diverse approach spanning bold hip-hop bravado and simmering R&B soul.

Growing up in the Floridian pocket of Broward Country known as Deerfield Beach, life wasn’t the easiest for young G6. He was a born athlete and wanted to use football as a way out, but he also had a knack for the creative arts. A music lover since birth, G6 would attach the tops to McDonald’s cups to a hanger and beat on them with a straw. It was a makeshift drum kit that he devised when he was just four years old, later learning the actual drums. By middle school he started writing rhymes, though would lean on his favorite artists’ lyrics when it came to school rap battles. By high school, his craft really started to develop, his skills sharpened, and his own lyrics replaced others. However, trauma hit when he lost his brother in 2016. Losing someone that close had a devastating effect, though it forced his hand to pursue greatness. After his passing, he started actively chasing his music dream. He started uploading clips to Instagram, and it wasn’t long before traction happened. The first post yielded 70,000 views, the next 100,000, and then 200,000. A movement was building and label reps were in his DMs looking to sign him. He dropped some heat at the top of 2019 in the form of two buzz cuts “So Wrong” and “Stick,” relocated to California, and inked a deal with Republic Records. The rest is history.