JUJ Shares Video for “Mood” Featuring Vic Mensa

JUJ has released the music video for her track,“Mood (feat. Vic Mensa)” . The 19-year-old rising pop artist continues to make an impact with her popular single, “Mood.” Since debuting the reworked version with Roc Nation recording artist Vic Mensa through Nylon, JUJ has received acclaim for the deeply personal track.

“Mood (Feat. Vic Mensa)” will easily captivate viewers with its vibrant color schemes and seamless videography. Each lyric is enhanced by the raw emotion expressed by JUJ throughout the visual. Mensa adds his swaggering, punkish flair as he showcases his lyrical aptitude. He raps, “It’s never over / We champions, we won’t lose / If it’s the last thing I do, I can’t let em f’up my mood” to epitomize the songs message.

When asked about the inspiration behind the single and music video JUJ says, “‘Mood’ tells two similar stories about the fearless nature of moving away from home at a young age to pursue a passion. Vic Mensa jumped on the song to share his experience which really complimented the original version, which spoke to my story of having the courage to do what most told me was impossible. I was blown away with how real and personal his delivery and story was I knew it would only contribute more to the song. His verse just pushes the fighter idea more and more. He overcame a ton of struggles with his bold move but it didn’t stop him.”

She adds, “Vic and I coming from immigrant parents and being ingrained with their fighter mentality has been an inspiration for both of us to step out on our own. The ‘Mood’ video is a complete visual representation of what I see in the song. It’s the story of our moves and where we’ve come thus far. I hope listeners are empowered to go do whatever sets their soul on fire and do whatever it takes to do it.”

JUJ’s ongoing success with this standout single has helped her ascend the ranks of rising pop heavyweights. Spindle Magazine describes the song as an “absolute must-hear.” Its popularity accentuated her debut EP: JUJ, It’s U which dropped in May. The project has accumulated hundreds of thousands of plays across various streaming services. Paper Mag says, “It’s an empowering collection culled from the effortlessly, feel-good sounds and styles of mid-’90s R&B.”

The visual interpretation is an appropriate depiction of the track’s theme which is parallel to the lives of both artists. “Mood (Feat. Vic Mensa)” debuted exclusively through Billboard and is now available worldwide.