Julia Haltigan Shares New Single, “Wool”

A sensitive badass who rides vintage Triumph motorcycles and sings primal rock n’ roll with smoldering expressivity, Julia Haltigan‘s new album Trouble is due out October 25. It was produced by W. Andrew Raposo of Midnight Magic and Hess Is More with one track produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek.

Now, she has released her lead single/video “Wool” premiered by Wide Open Country. The moody ballad paints a powerful picture of an altered state of reality that film and TV can evoke and how we sometimes allow the lines to blur between fiction and reality even after the film has ended. In the video, Haltigan stars as a cab driver in a dreamlike trance as an eclectic line-up of passengers shuffle in and out, offering mini vignettes into each story.

Outside of her solo career, Haltigan moonlights as the slinky Jessica Rabbit-inspired jazz crooner “Vivian Fairchild” in the off-Broadway hit Sleep No More. She is also a member of the fizzy pop band The Singles, alongside her buddies Scarlett Johansson, Kendra Morris and Holly Miranda. She additionally made an acting cameo in HBO’s hit series The Deuce—look for her in an episode during the show’s third and final season. She will bring her captivating live show on a national fall tour in support of Trouble, making stops in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and more. Be sure to catch her live & stay tuned for more news coming soon!