Retrofette Shares Dystopian Video for “A House”

What happens when you merge synth-pop with The Twilight Zone? Look no further than Retrofette’s “A House” — a song and video pairing that delves into a dystopian vision behind the men in the white turtlenecks.

The song is a synth-pop dance hit that offers up punk-esque commentary around life’s monotony and cyclicity. “The video expands the social commentary aspect of ‘A House’ in the idea that we work all day just so we can party all night,” said singer and frontman Sean Culliton. “It all becomes so routine that it’s hard to know if we actually enjoy it.” That explains the band’s incredibly dull expressions throughout “A House.” The video is far from dull, though, with it all leading to a synthesized explosion, dancers and confetti.

Despite the commentary, there’s a silver lining. “The comfort in it all is that we have good people surrounding us and helping us out,” Culliton continued. In fact, the song would’ve never been brought to fruition had it not been for friends and their support. Though it’s Retrofette’s freshest release, it’s the first Retrofette song Culliton ever wrote. Finally brought into the light, check out “A House” here written and produced by Culliton and Xavier Provencher. The video was directed and edited by Dead Medium.

Retrofette Live Performance Dates

October 25 — Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, Denver, CO

October 26 — Washington’s, Fort Collins, CO