Spiral Cell Share Cinematic Rendition of “In The Water”

Denver’s immersive and theatrical one-man-band Spiral Cell has released their haunting and cinematic rendition of the track, “In The Water.” The song is a captivating original by California band, Anadel, who released the song as part of the Walking Dead video game soundtrack.

The cover perfectly illustrates how composer, Scott Uhl, transforms this beautifully simplistic acoustic song into a cinematic rendition that is Spiral Cell. This cover was chosen to be featured in the live performance as the song’s melancholy mood and oceanic theme created a seamless flow into Spiral Cell’s 2016 release of “Ocean.”

Eerie and beautiful, Spiral Cell’s rendition of “In The Water” sets them apart from the pack in the Denver music scene, complete with a stunning score and haunting vocals. Listen to the song now below.