Ava Lake Shares New Single, “Mystery”

Ava Lake is kicking off her debut EP roll out with her first single, “Mystery,” out on all streaming platforms today. Ava’s 6-track EP, The Rise, is set for release on October 18th.

Mystery” is a bombastic dance-pop track that invites you into the world of Ava Lake. Through her thumping production, synth-pop grandeur, and harrowing vocals, Ava Lake’s creates a sound that is ready to debut on the dancefloor. The song explores the beginning stages of a relationship, the time when you’re still trying to figure out the other person. But, instead of dwelling on the unknown, “Mystery” invites you to live in the present, enjoy the moment, and just dance.

Chicago-based Ava Lake is a multidisciplinary artist who has her hands in songwriting, producing, painting, and dancing. Ava pulls influence from 2000s glitch-pop, 80s vaporware, and current-day lo-fi bedroom pop in order to create a fresh new sound full of beat-driven pop stylings and dance-floor rhythm. Created in her home studio with help from Daniel Loumpouridis (co-wrote/co-produced Louis The Child’s “It’s Strange”), Ava Lake’s upcoming EP, The Rise, introduces Ava as a keen dance-pop act who’s ready to begin her ‘rise.’