Chloe & Nash Release New Single, “Deep End”

Chloe & Nash have released their debut single, “Deep End”. Listen to the song, accompanied by a handwritten lyric video, now below!

Chloe, half Persian half Native American, grew up singing and playing piano. At age 11, she faced mental health struggles including addiction and depression that spawned a string of traumatic experiences in her teens. At 19, she lost her closest friend to an overdose, followed by a necessary time of self reflection and self care. Chloe has emerged stronger than ever and has met her artistic partner and confidante, Nash, in the process.

“Chloe and I first crossed paths at some of the darkest times in our lives, while both in the same Rehab Facility. Deep End is us being raw with where we’ve been, which was stuck in the deep end. I know we are capable of getting out of the dark, we all are. This song is very personal to us about being stuck in a dark place and not seeing a way out,” says Nash of their new single.

Growing up in Nashville, Nash played in a local rock band before moving to LA. Like Chloe, she also faced a similar upbringing, exploring toxic scenes and using substances to quiet the struggles of her youth. At 21 she and Chloe met and began making music together last year. “Being creatively vulnerable and free is amazing, but it’s not an easy task,” says Nash, “I’ve been living out of my car and between friends’ couches, pursuing the life I want to live by moving to LA, writing music, growing and trying to be the healthiest version of myself I can be.”

When Nash and Chloe first met, the two quickly developed a close bond and began playing music together. Being in tune with each other and having the same goals, the two started passionately hitting the studio and writing. Young and eccentric styles, the sounds are a bold mesh of electro r&b and memorable pop ballads. Stay tuned for much more on Chloe & Nash in the year ahead!