Pure Violet Shares New Single “Nostalgia”

Pure Violet, the synth-pop project of Hundredth frontman Chadwick Johnson, has been sporadically releasing standalone singles for several years now, and now the LA-based musician is back with “Nostalgia.”

2019 saw Hundredth release four singles that pushed the band’s sound further into melodic territory than ever before, and it’s only fitting that Pure Violet–a project always defined by Johnson’s unabashed love of pronounced hooks and pulsating rhythms–would double down on his poppier instincts. “Nostalgia” pulls Pure Violet‘s dreamy sound into its most danceable direction yet, with a layered beat and infectious bass line bouncing beneath a confident vocal performance. The song manages to seamlessly meld shimmering modern production with the atmosphere of ’80s new wave and a touch of ’90s baggy spirit, and offers another glimpse of what’s to come from Pure Violet.

Johnson explained the new song further, saying, “I made ’Nostalgia’ back in the spring of 2019. I had made a load of tracks for the Pure Violet project since my last release but when I was working on ‘Nostalgia’ it really felt like the purest taste of what I was feeling musically. It felt like a great reintroduction to the project. Musically, I was channeling disco records that I used to hear growing up, like Earth Wind & Fire, Barry White, Sister Sledge, etc. I always remember a euphoric feeling when I heard these songs as a kid, and I felt like it could work well with the Pure Violet vibe. Turned out to be a little wavy disco tune and I hope y’all dig it.”

Stay tuned for more news from Pure Violet in 2020.