Chey Rose Shares Vulnerable New Single, “Seventeen”

The new year is often known for ringing in hope and inspiration, but for many it can be a somber time of reflection, nostalgia and even heartbreak. Chey Rose embraces these vulnerable emotions head on in her brand new single, “Seventeen,” sharing her own fresh, unique spin on the timeless format of the piano-driven heartbreak anthem.

Seventeen, a raw, intimate break-up ballad, desperately cries to escape the jaded numbness that comes with years of failed love & longs for the ability to feel deeply & freely again, like a first, fresh heartbreak at age 17. Minimalistic piano, dreamy synths, lo-fi beats & muted electric guitar build this piece into what can be described as a more cinematic Sasha Sloan ballad. The song is available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital retailers Friday, Jan 17, 2020.

Seventeen, cowritten with Nashville artist-writer Amy Asher and producer Tony Chetta, is a new very personal style of writing Chey has been delving into. The verses are descriptive and wordy, depicting specific scenes and revealing intimate details in singer-songwriter story- telling fashion; however, the melodies, production, and chorus structure pull from pop/r&b influences. The result: a unique niche sound that’s fresh, heartfelt and most importantly real.

Chey elaborates, “It’s crazy because the night Seventeen was born, I didn’t even feel like writing. So much was going on in my personal life and I was honestly scared to face those emotions. But I did anyway, and what started out as a 10pm therapeutic wine night with my two best friends turned into the 2am birth of a song so confessional and real and honest that it scared me – in a good way. Days after the session I couldn’t stop playing the song – it was literally healing my soul as I listened to the demo over and over, and that’s how I knew it had to be shared. If it can heal my heart, it has the power to connect with and heal so many other souls who may be dealing with this same exact thing.”