Mute Choir Shares New Track, “Shadowboxing”

Toronto trio Mute Choir have released their new track, “Shadowboxing” today. Listen to the song now below.

Of the track, the band said, “‘Shadowboxing’ was inspired by a point of renewal; when you’re starting fresh but can’t escape the tremendous pressure of uncertainty. When the future is wide open, it can be easy to overthink your present decisions in the face of who you might become. You can never know for sure if life will turn out the way you hope when you go with your gut instinct. There is always a possibility for failure, and fear of failure can be overwhelming enough to drive you to the wrong kinds of compromises.  

Shadowboxing is told from the perspective of someone who let the weight of fear and negativity gradually break their spirit. They’ve given up and distanced themselves from their passions, only realizing how misguided they were when it’s too late.“

Producer/songwriter Sam Arion founded Mute Choir as a response to an identity crisis. He is joined by fellow musical polymaths Milan Sarkadi and Iris Waters; a team brought together by their thirst for experimentation and a long-established songwriting bond between Arion and Waters. The trio is involved in almost every aspect of their work, from production and mixing to artwork, delivering a vision that is distinctly their own. Loosely defining their style as “Organized Chaos”, Mute Choir is as much the sound of a cluttered downtown as it is the lonesome ambience of insomnia. The group seeks to make sense of the noise around them, searching for a middle ground between conflicting forces.