Leah Capelle Comes to Terms With the Past in New Single, “on accident”

LA-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Leah Capelle has returned with “on accident,” a violently honest song about mistakes and the inevitable aftermath. Balancing the line between alternative-pop and hard rock, Capelle wails over a massive punk-rock stack as she begs, “did I hurt you? You know I didn’t mean it… Did I hurt you on accident?” The release arrives as the third single off Leah Capelle’s forthcoming full-length album entitled triptych due out this Spring via The Orchard/Little Cabin Entertainment.

Leah Capelle elaborates on the new single: “‘on accident’ is a very vulnerable track – though enhanced by the visceral drum arrangement and pulsating synth parts, it’s a meditation on weakness at its core. It’s difficult to accept your faults, your selfish habits, your flaws – and even harder to ask for forgiveness in light of those flaws. But there is strength in brutal yet tender self-awareness.”

Leah recently joined the  Breedlove Guitars family, headlined the Emerging Artists Series at Summerfest, toured across the US and jumped on an opening slot for Knox Hamilton in her hometown of Chicago, all while clocking in endless hours at the studio and racking up over 100K followers across her social media independently. In addition, she has landed coverage with ATWOOD, Betches, Buzzbands.la, Earmilk, GLAAD, Grimy Goods, Guitar Girl Magazine, Parade, PopDust, PopMatters, Spindle Magazine, The Talkhouse, and many more.

Ahead of the new year, Leah Capelle shared her heart-wrenching video for “know me better” following the exclusive premiere via PRIDE. A story of self-discovery, the cinematic visual is a colorful and alluring production of pain, loss, and healing. With vocals that wistfully dance from one guitar strand to the other, Capelle brings you into her dismal world. They said: “Grab a glass of wine, turn up the volume, and try to resist prancing around the room in your underwear.”

“The visual for ‘know me better’ is a meditation on love – on both romantic love and self-love,” Capelle elaborates. “It’s part one of two videos that tell the story of how I had to lose myself to find myself again. The piece works through the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and lastly acceptance as the characters fight, cry, drink, dance, and burn old photographs with a sense of urgent, reckless abandon. The one location for this video was very intentional – ‘Don’t you think it’s funny that I haven’t left the house, though this place is soaked in memories and I cannot get them out?’ Homes have a way of holding on to lost things – whether coins in the couch or the spirits of who used to live there.” She adds: “‘know me better’ is an anthem for accepting the circumstances you’re in, accepting your honest mistakes, and accepting yourself as you are.”

NYLON dubbed the “know me better” single as “the perfect breakup song to dance-cry the pain away.” but Capelle describes the single as much more once the layers are peeled back. At its core, the emotionally charged anthem is about coming to terms with the relationship you have with yourself and your identity and growing from it, though ultimately triggered by the loss of someone significant in your life. The song leaps into realms lost, found, broken, and mended as Capelle confronts her pain head-on. Piecing back the puzzles of heart and self, “know me better” is about knowing yourself again.

One thing remains true as Leah Capelle continues to build her catalogue:“every songwriter is more than just a voice.” In her guest blog on The Talkhouse, the artist questions “What is our responsibility as artists? Is it to provide a much-needed break from the heaviness of the news? Is it to simply provide entertainment, to become one more distraction from the daily responsibilities of life? Is it to be the voice of our whole generation, or to be, just a voice for those who can’t put their feelings into words?” 
Capelle has proven that she’s got it all, a song for everyone and any human experience in all of its duality – whether you’re looking for the perfect car karaoke jam or simply a much needed reminder that you are alive and you are beautiful as you are.