Carrousel Release Haunting Visual for “Psychobabble Drama”

Los Angeles-based duo Carrousel – the project of Joel Piedt and Sharon Piedt – have revealed the official music video for “Psychobabble Drama,” the lead single from their newly released EP, ‘I Wasn’t Well.

Inspired by Joel’s recurring nightmares, “Psychobabble Drama” is equal parts haunting and anthemic. For the official video, the band worked with director Dylan Plyfair to create a visual that is very much in tune with the song. “The idea was to integrate footage from Dracula with us as we were playing,” Joel explains, “on the walls, on our instruments and faces, so that we’re totally immersed in it.”

The “Psychobabble Drama” video is a surreal odyssey into the world of Carrousel — a world that will continue to be explored in music videos to come.

Carrousel draw on a broad spectrum of sounds ranging from blues, to psychedelic rock, to shoegaze, to new wave, developing their own sonic universe with each new release. Carrousel’s futuristic pop melodies wane toward the prophetic, delineating several genres at once with enigmatic cohesion, and surprising grit. The ‘I Wasn’t Well’ EP kicks off an exciting year for the band who plan to release a 10-track album titled Magnificent Desolation later this Spring