Whale Bones Release Video for New Single, “Persona Non Grata”

Indianapolis indie/alternative band, Whale Bones have released the stunning video for their new single, “Persona Non Grata”. The release marks their first new song of 2020. Watch the video now below!

Of the song and video, Whale Bones’ Nathan Kane said, “Persona Non Grata is a song about feeling taken advantage of and used. People so often want you to be something convenient for them. When you’re not who they want you to be, you’re not worth their time. I decided that I’m not going to renew trust in people who I know are going to treat me like that.

The video is the best way I could express this concept visually. My friend Joe Etemadi and I directed this video together. It’s been a long process creating it, but I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thank you for watching!”