NUTRONIC Releases New Single, “Reconnect”

Electronic rock duo NUTRONIC has released a new single via FiXT titled Reconnect, which is available to stream and purchase now on Spotify, Apple Music and all DSPs worldwide. Everything is connected, and NUTRONIC’s latest release “Reconnect” embraces just that. With a steady blend of charged electronic beats, heavy guitars, and lyrics yearning for change, “Reconnect” pushes you through a high energy track aimed at letting go of the things that don’t matter and reaching for things that do.

“Reconnect” is a reaction to our song “Go Dark”, a song that wants to unplug from the afflictions of modern society and screen dependence. Where Go Dark was about disconnection, Reconnect is about finding light in that darkness: self reflection, growth. Recently, our songs have taken a more organic approach to writing and recording. In Reconnect, we wanted to emphasize that spirit.”

Nutronic began as a group of online friends back in 2011 collaborating and figuring out how to put vocals into dubstep and drum and bass mixes. Quickly, Jeremy Strickland took lead of the project as producer/songwriter with guitarist, Nick Dyson. Nutronic likes to call itself an anglo-american cocktail, as Jeremy is a southern American from the gulf coast area and Nick Dyson is an englishman from Derbyshire. Nutronic has been a virtual duo and potential romance novel ever since.

Stylistically varied, major influences for this project are bands like Pendulum, Muse, and A Perfect Circle, but between Jeremy and Nick, influences range from indie rock to progressive metal. Nutronic has been an experiment to glue all of these influences into dance music and electronica from the beginning. In 2013, Nutronic released a mini-LP entitled Seekers, their first serious endeavor into electronic rock and songwriting where nuance and introspection were embraced. In 2015, a full LP was released entitled Heavens, a thematic album, which explored different sounds outside of typical expectations of drum and bass. After a hiatus, Nutronic returned with Subterra EP released over the course of singles starting in 2018 on Simplify Recordings.

Nutronic is developing new music on FiXT for a new album scheduled in 2020. For more information, connect with Nutronic on social media at the links below.