Rebelmatic Releases Video for New Song, “Insult to Injury”

Seminal Brooklyn hardcore band Rebelmatic have released the timely video for their latest single, “Insult to Injury“. They band had originally planned on releasing the video for the song – which is centered around a black man being chased through the streets –  later this summer, but were adamant about getting the video/song out now to speak to the Black Lives Matter movement and raise awareness for the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Creature, the band’s vocalist, spoke on why it was important to release the video now:

“This song is about the protests and anger of so many who have experienced or witnessed brutality and terror at the hands of those who are supposed to protect you. The late Great Audre Lorde said it best, ‘your silence will not protect you’. We say refuse to be stuck in the mud, and your ways and action are “Insult to Injury”.”

“Insult too Injury” comes from the band’s upcoming EP, Ghost In The Shadows. Pre-order the EP HERE.