Faded Paper Figures Release New Single, “Count It Out”

Indie, electro-pop trio Faded Paper Figures (Heather Alden, R. John Williams and Kael Alden) are gearing up to release their fifth full-length studio album, Kairos, on July 17 (full track listing below) and today, the band is excited to debut the second single, “Count It Out,” from the collection. The song captures the lush alternative, cinematic electronic and unassuming pop style the band is known for. It delivers a feeling of ethereality created by combining vintage synths with hypnotizing vocals that demand your attention.

Kairos means: a propitious moment for decision or action, and the new album finds the band exploring uncharted territory as they widen their soundscape. “‘Kairos’ represents the moment or ‘the now,'” says John. “Things change and emerge with time. The last EP ‘Chronos’ was written during the height of our lives becoming chaos. Meanwhile, ‘Kairos’ is a special moment we’re seizing together.”

“This band has always been our release,” adds Kael. “It’s our escape. With this album, we have a new love for life and what we do together.”

The band has moved through life together since 2007. Along the way, they built a robust discography spanning Dynamo (2008), New Medium (2010), The Matter (2012), Relics (2014), Remnants EP (2015) and Chronos EP (2017). In addition to amassing millions of streams independently, they have attracted acclaim from NPR, Paste, Clash and Wonderland to name a few. Their music has appeared on Grey’s Anatomy and on MTV’s The Real World as well as programming across NBC Sports, E!etc. Simultaneously, John (guitar, vocals) works as a tenured English Professor at Yale with two books under his belt. Kael (keys, guitars, drums, production) writes music for a production house called Robot Repair, regularly landing syncs in major films, television shows and advertising campaigns. Heather (vocals) is a full-time physician of family medicine – bringing real hope to those who need it most. In the midst of the global pandemic, she continues to make a difference on the frontline as an intake for patients getting coronavirus tests.

Kairos Track Listing
1. Bones
2. Soldier
3. She’s Walking Out
4. All That We Feel
5. Fall From Grace
6. Valhalla
7. Unambiguous Love Song
8. Cogitate
9. Damned If
10. Dream Of Waking Up
11. Eleusinian
12. Count It Out