Speelburg Shares Video for “World Is Falling Apart (this version)”

Rising electro-pop artist Speelburg has issued the official music video for his current single “World Is Falling Apart (this version).” The playful visual was shot as 8mm film footage by director Reggie. and production company Regulator Pictures Global, featuring Patrick Hall, Jr. and mini pony Little Star. Watch it now below.

The tropical synth-pop song, a reflection on youthful narcissism with a message of underlying hope, is a taste of what’s to come from Speelburg’s debut album dropping this fall (details coming soon). Check out “World Is Falling Apart (that version),” a new alternative and vulnerable take on the song, just released June 12th.

“‘World Is Falling Apart’ was actually written back in 2017 when we were faced with a whole bunch of other problems,” shares Speelburg (Noah Sacré). “The world just hasn’t gone back to ‘America-in-the-Nineties’ level of chillness yet. I, like many of my generation, am privy to youthful narcissism and thinking we have it the worst, that today is worse than it was at any time in the past. Some days are more doom and dread, some days are more ‘help your fellow man’ kind of days. This track tries to toe the line between the two, and maybe, hopefully, weighs a little more in favor of the latter. At the end of the world, I’m still going to choose optimism.”

“And what’s more hopeful than a pony?,” he adds about the new video. “We wanted to show that despite the world crumbling around us, unlikely friendships are still blooming. We need to keep believing that tomorrow will be better, no matter what. I’ve started a petition on whitehouse.gov to change the presidential seal from an eagle to a pony and I eagerly await their answer.”

Of the new alternate “that version” of the song, Speelburg explains, “I’ve done this a few times. I’ll write and produce a whole track and then completely remix it just keeping the vocals and nothing else. It’s a good exercise to see if you could have made it better. Artistically speaking, I’m probably in a different place now than I was a few years ago when the original idea was written so it’s fun to compare the two. This new version starts out with an acoustic guitar and a sample of my mom, me, my siblings and family when we were kids. My mom passed away a few years ago and one Christmas my dad had all of our childhood tapes digitized. Losing my mom was pretty earth-shattering; it still really hurts. Throughout the whole album, there’s samples from those tapes. I guess literally putting samples of your mom in your songs means you’re ‘working shit out with your art.’ Cool.”

Known for his infectious and witty lyrics, crisp and funky electro-pop beats, and compelling visuals, the Belgian-American singer, songwriter and producer – whose music sounds like a blend of Beck, Vampire Weekend and Paul Simon – has already amassed over 11 million total streams from his previously released music, including his 2020 single “Say Hello” which was prominently featured in commercials for Samsung and Google Pixel earlier this year. The self-proclaimed movie buff, as evidenced by his stage name, also puts his animation/design skills to use for his exciting music videos, as best represented by the video for his song “Screener Season,” Speelburg’s ode to Sofia Coppola films, and the animated “Headlights” video. Since his debut in 2014, Speelburg has received accolades from Noisey, The Line of Best Fit, Pigeons & Planes, Clash Magazine and SPIN as well as support from BBC Radio and KCRW, among others.