Rootkit Shares New Single, “Too Close”

Making his debut on bitbird earlier this year with singles “Only Knew” and “Promise Me“, Norwegian producer Rootkit continues to showcase his diversity as a musician with third single “Too Close“, out today.

With a high interest in music production and electronic music since his early teenage years, Rootkit has been making music for quite a few years now. Starting his musical journey with genres such as dubstep and drum and bass, but developing from house to bass with releases at a wide diversity of record labels, Rootkit has always felt the urge to explore all that electronic music has to offer.

With “Too Close”, Rootkit once again refused to repeat himself. With an urge to explore his creative boundaries, Rootkit actively searched for what else he can do musically in order to contradict himself and create something that’s truly different than what he’s made before. The result? An emotive song that’s a bit darker than we’re used to, exploring not only a new direction musically but also a new pallet of emotions. With heavy basses and distant vocals from LA singer/songwriters KARRA and MOONZz, “Too Close” might just be Rootkit’s most mystical and abstract work to date.

On the creation of the single, Rootkit shares: “For Too Close I wanted to try to make something unique and different from my usual tracks. I was tired of a lot of music and wanted to make something new not constrained by any trends or expectations. It ended up with a distinct vibe and I hope it takes the listener on an electronic music journey.”

“Too Close” will be part of Rootkit’s debut album, which will be released later this year on bitbird.