Elizabeth Young Shares Debut Single, “Ricochet”

At the mere age of 16, singer/songwriter, Elizabeth Young is making her debut with her first single, “Ricochet“. The track, which paints a picture of a young girl with the ability to stand strong and repel negativity, can be heard now below.

Born and raised outside of Washington D.C., Elizabeth grew up surrounded by blues, R&B and powerhouse female artists, noting some of her earliest influences as the legendary Bonnie Raitt and Alicia Keys. Elizabeth’s own signature style of pop music also pulls from other female artists and masterful songwriters such as Taylor Swift. She muses, “The confidence and talent of these women inspire me to be just like them.”

A long-time vocalist and student, Elizabeth Young began paving her path to making music when she received an acoustic guitar, immediately adding a new dimension to the work she was doing with her teacher. After a few years of developing her musicality and playing local live shows, she linked up with Charlottesville producer Chris Keup. Together they developed her debut EP, which will be released in September 2020. The dynamic six-track collection showcases Elizabeth’s range as a vocalist and storyteller. From her opening track “I Won’t Fall,” discussing anxiety, to addressing narcissism in the powerful “Spotlight,” and escaping toxic relationships in “Daylight Savings,” she paints a full picture and window into her life. The songs are both a cathartic and carefree experience, and universally relatable to their core.

This is just the beginning for the young talent that is Elizabeth Young, with an exciting career on her horizon.