Sofi Tukker Release “House Arrest” Video and “Good Time Girl” Remixes ​   

Sofi Tukker have shared the music video for their single “House Arrest” with Gorgon City. The music video, directed by Sofi Tukker & The Freak Fam with animation by London agency Ombra Design, features clips from Sofi Tukker’s daily livestream DJ sets and fans around the world dancing to “House Arrest” at home.

Sofi Tukker shares about the video: “Over the past 118 days, a community has built around our daily DJ sets. The dedication and love that people are sharing with each other in this really unprecedented time in history has been blowing our minds. It’s become a place that a lot of people, including ourselves, rely on to get through the uncertainty of it all. They call themselves the freak fam and we directed this video together.”

In addition, Sofi Tukker have shared three remixes of their single “Good Time Girl” feat. Charlie Barker. Originally released on their debut 2018 album Treehouse, icy house tune found a second life when it was chosen as the official theme song of HBO’s The New Pope starring Jude Law and John Malkovich. Since then, “Good Time Girl” has been lighting up Shazam and iTunes charts across the globe, garnering over 10 million streams.

Leading the remixes is Italian producer/DJ Benny Benassi and BB team’s bass heavy rework. The speaker-filling flip is guttural, passing through an industrial house lens, while still letting SOFI TUKKER’s singer/guitarist Sophie Hawley-Weld’s guitar licks have their moment to shine.

“The original was a banger,” Benassi says of “Good Time Girl.” “I just felt the need to make it slightly more aggressive to get a club version. I had a great time working on the bass and the drum set with my team. I love the track and above all, I love SOFI TUKKER. I somehow feel like I’m their older brother.”

Sofi Tukker adds, “Benny Benassi is one of our favorite humans in the world. He made this song better than it was before, just like he leaves every room he enters – better than it was before. Lol, but seriously.”

The two additional remixes come from Italian-Brazilian producer Leandro Da Silva , who gives the song a cosmic bump, and Canadian duo BYNON, who puts a more progressive house spin on the original.