Jeremy Pascal Release Performance Video for “Poser”

Recorded in their subterranean rehearsal space, deep under the streets of Vienna, Jeremy Pascal let off a little steam with the performance video for “Poser“, a track from their debut EP. Unable to perform live due to the Covid pandemic, the Austrian band was feeling the angst of social distancing and were itching to get together as soon as the lockdown restrictions were eased. Adding a videographer to the mix was all that the six band members needed to get it done.

On the nature of the song, lead singer Tino Romana was quick to self-deprecate himself and his band, “Poser is a cynical twist on the whole new-school emo movement, as we acknowledge how little it matters that we miss our exes or don’t wanna grow up. The entire scene dwells in self-pity because it’s trendy again to be irresponsible.”

Romana reiterates that the song says it all, “The hook of the song acknowledges that we crave ‘fucked up, romantic love stories that don’t lead to anything’. Then in the verses we proclaim that ‘nobody cares, it happens to everyone’, as we fully admit that we aren’t special for feeling this way.”