Sam Ritchie Shares New Single, “When?”

Southern California-based bedroom pop artist Sam Ritchie has released his new single, “When?” from his upcoming five-song self-titled debut album, due out September 25th. “When?”, the album’s opening track, is a charming melodic cut, propelled by a danceable beat that’ll hook you from the beginning.

“I wanted it to feel almost like a roller coaster where it starts crazy and ends with a nice scenic view at the end,” notes Sam on the track.

Sam’s been dreamin’ up love songs since forever and music has been at the forefront of his life since childhood. Raised with ‘90s hip-hop and rap in the house, he’s evolved his personal tastes to music ranging from Notorious BIG, Blink-182, Outkast and Phoenix to Tyler, The Creator—a champion of all unique musical styles. With the layers of inspiration, Sam’s music doesn’t fit in one box though it often meets the bedroom pop criteria.

Sam Ritchie was sparked in late 2018 as a result of copious live show experiences. “I would go to shows almost five days a week, if not more,” says Sam. “I always wanted to perform but what really kicked me into gear was making music that made me genuinely happy and being able to express myself.” Working with producer Alan Vega, the new album took flight.