Danny L Harle and Lil Texas Drop Collaborative Single, “Dreaming”

Harlecore (Danny L Harle) and Texcore (Lil Texas) are taking on the next release for Basscon Records, with their new collab “Dreaming.”

Two formidable forces from the hardcore scene are clashing in the best way possible, as they come together to create a seemingly unlikely collaboration that crosses continents. On their co-produced single, both artists play to their strengths to unleash an amalgamation of euphoric melodies and high-tempo energy. A lush vocal topline gently floats into the frame, lures in the listener before being accompanied by throwback-leaning rave stabs. As the careful crooning carries on, maddening laughter starts to echo out until the impossibly fast BPMs take control and cut loose into a gabber-infused drop that is a stark contrast to the mellifluous elements on the opposite end. The collaboration between Lil Texas and Danny L Harle is the perfect cross-section of the two exciting projects.

“I met with Lil Texas in London and we hung out at my studio with Polish Gabber Collective Wixapol,” says Harlecore. “Me and Texas decided to make a track then and there, I was like ‘I’ll do the euphoric build and you do the drop’ he was like ‘hell yeah’ and that was it. I love how the track is basically a musical B2B at first but then my synth line combines with his big boy kicks at the end in a beautiful finale. In all honesty, this music sounds the way I feel.”

Danny L Harle is a prominent producer/composer from the UK, who has pulled off impeccable songwriter for commercial acts from the likes of Charli XCX, Caroline Polachek, Chic/Nile Rodgers and more. However, through his alter ego Harlecore, he’s made his presence known in the euphoric UK hardcore scene. One of his previous gigs was a Boiler Room show as part of the Concrete Lates event series, which saw him billed alongside Lil Texas.

Tex on the other hand, has become a key player in the American Hardcore movement, known for sporting a solid collection of cowboy hats while absolutely annihilating the upper reaches of the BPM spectrum. He’s churned out a number of chest-pumping releases for camps such as Barong Family, Welcome Records, TWONK, and Masters of Hardcore. He recently made his label debut on Basscon Records with the pit-destroying, metal-driven collab “Killing Time” with Deadly Guns.