YDE Shares New Single, “Stopped Buying Diamonds”

At just 17 years old, rising singer-songwriter ​YDE​ (EE-dee) makes a bold debut with her brand new single “​Stopped Buying Diamonds,​” out now via Facet Records/Warner Records. Co-written with YDE’s mentor, superstar songwriter and activist, Justin Tranter, along with Grammy award-winning duo ​Mattman & Robin,​ the powerful and alternative rock-infused track offers up the artist’s honest and personal perspective on growing up as a member of Gen Z. Accompanying the song’s release is a badass 80s-inspired music video, directed by Lior Molcho, with creative direction from Darian Darling. The video showcases YDE’s commanding stage presence as she portrays four fierce versions of herself and relays her story to an older (and much more critical) generation. Listen to the song on all digital streaming platforms ​here​, and check out the music video ​below​.

Driven by steady guitars and rich electronic production, YDE’s voice takes center stage on the track, sarcastically singing, ​“I’d like to apologize for my generation, we stopped buying diamonds and going on vacations.”​ Without pause, her blatant honesty continues, as she divulges, ​“I’d like to apologize for changing your language,​ ​But the names you were calling me guys were pretty fuckin racist,” ​backed by stunning harmonies and a fierce electric guitar solo.

YDE raises the bar even higher in the song’s unapologetic music video, as she shows off her musical prowess by proudly assuming all four roles of electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keytar, and drums. Clad in vibrant 80s-inspired pieces and sporting a bowl cut reminiscent of the Ramones’ iconic hairdo, each persona takes on a different name and distinctive traits: YDE (on electric guitar, lead vocal) – the coolest girl in rock and roll high school, RUE (on acoustic guitar) – the teen rebel queen, LUX (on keytar) – the sweet sixteen vixen who’s hell on heels, and JAX (on drums) – the badass percussionist who’ll kick your ass on stage. All together these personas encompass everything that is YDE: a musical virtuoso who knows no limits.

“I came up with the guitar riff, and it felt like such a vibe,”​ YDE says. ​“Justin brought up this horrible article about how Gen Z is ruining the economy because we don’t buy diamonds, go on cruises, or have nice houses. It’s not that we don’t want these things; it’s that we physically can’t afford them. The song is a commentary on that.”