Britney Jane Shares New Single, “What If”

R&B musician Britney Jane is following up her debut solo track, “Blossom” with a stunning new single. The up-and-coming songwriter has gracefully emerged from the background — having worked extensively with other musicians for quite some time. With her new single, “What If,” it’s clear Britney Jane is carving a space for herself in the R&B canon.

Dating has never been easy, especially right now when the task of meeting people is being challenged with a pandemic and self-isolation. Communication is only becoming increasingly difficult as the landscape of dating changes shape. “What If” is about how essential that communication is. The single encompasses those unsure moments when you meet someone — you invest time in them, question your actions around them, wonder if one person likes the other romantically or not and begin to give up pieces of yourself. All of this kicks into motion without either party fully understanding what everyone’s intentions truly are. When that communication isn’t opened up, you part ways and are left with just a glimpse of what could have been.

“What if we had that conversation?” Britney Jane explained. “What if we sat down and talked about it with each other? If we had that conversation then, would we be together now?” The single navigates those speculative emotions where you question yourself and your actions. It tackles the feelings left behind when you’re stuck searching for closure. “If you both aren’t on the same page at least you had that conversation and that closure. Dating nowadays is just so weird and we all take that risk with our hearts. We have to learn from it and move on.”

This single is the second track from the musician’s debut solo album, In My Feelings. “The album was recorded during a period of my life when I was dealing with someone that I really wanted to be with but our paths just weren’t meant to align,” said Britney Jane. “What If” is another raw, relatable and emotional look into the new EP due out January 2021.