TWO LANES Release Piano Versions of “Never Enough” and “Lights”

After garnering millions of streams with Lights, their debut EP on bitbird, Berlin-based sibling duo TWO LANES returns to the label with two piano versions of EP tracks “Never Enough” and “Lights”.

If you’re familiar with the two German brothers, the release of these acoustic renditions wouldn’t come as a surprise to you. With one background in classical music, and another in electronic music, TWO LANES’ music has always been a blend of both worlds. As a duo that is always looking for new, creative ways to make music and incorporate new instruments, these piano versions offer TWO LANES’ listeners some insight into where these musical experiments often start. With a feeling and a piano, in their home studio in Berlin.

On the creation of the piano versions TWO LANES share, “We recorded both versions on our Schiedmayer piano from the 1920s here in our studio in Berlin. The hammers and strings are still original and haven’t been replaced, so there are some mechanical imperfections which give this piano a lot of character. For both recordings we used a felt moderator which can be moved between hammers and strings, changing the sound of the piano to a very soft and intimate tone.”

Both acoustic renditions open with the captivating, familiar theme of the original songs, after which the songs evolve into different variations of this main theme, showcasing their versatility and sincere musical talent while conveying their emotion-based music even more delicately.

The piano versions of Wide Awake and Lights will be part of an Extended Lights EP, set for a release in late 2020.