Rabbit In The Moon Drop Trippy New Single, “Raver Girl”

Rabbit In The Moon is hopping back over to their Thumper Music imprint with their first single of the year, “Raver Girl.”

There are few, if any, dance music artists that have laid claim to the long-lasting legacy that the legendary duo Rabbit In The Moon has built for themselves over the last three decades. The live electronic act—a living and breathing audiovisual trip fueled by the intoxicating imaginations of front man Bunny and David Christophere—are responsible for breaking the mold and changing the way we perceived performances in the underground space. Since their earliest days in the rave scene, which stems back to the early ‘90s, RITM made its presence felt as a true pioneer by taking their psychedelic-laced fusion of electro, techno, house, breakbeat, and more, and juxtaposing the trailblazing sounds with equally eye-catching stimuli. They’ve got roots that run deeper than most, and they tap into this rich history to poke some fun at the natural life cycle of a dancefloor creature on their new single, lovingly titled “Raver Girl.”

“This song is a musical meme that tells the story of the evolution of a raver girl,” says Rabbit In The Moon. “They start with EDM, furry boots, and are all about the PLUR. A year later, they wear all black, and only listen to techno.”

It’s a tale many have seen play out IRL, if they’ve managed to stick around long enough to see friends (or themselves) transition over to the dark side. A thudding kick and hissing hi-hat roll out the welcome mat, while a crescendo quickly builds and dissipates into high-pitched voice narrates their progression from a Peace-Love-Unity-Respect pusher into a bona-fide warehouse-dwelling freak. In between the spoken word sections, they fill the gaps with futuristic and downright dystopic progressions made from disorienting synth riffs that rattle the pleasure center of the brain while robust basslines take care of the lower register. It’s at once spunky and cheeky, and in true Rabbit In The Moon fashion, “Raver Girl” is a head-trip and then some.

The new single naturally finds a home on Thumper Music, the imprint living under the Insomniac Music Group umbrella, which they launched after ending a six-year hiatus that came to a halt upon a hometown hero live set at their old stomping grounds at Ultra Music Festival. Since the label’s inception, they’ve kept a low profile with only a handful of releases, including the ‘Vibration’ EP and a special ‘Seven Loves Electro’ package commemorating the birth of Bunny’s first child. In the last year, however, Rabbit In The Moon have suited up to assault the senses with a recent performance that saw them closing out the official Nocturnal Wonderland Rave-A-Thon livestream on Insomniac TV. Whether they’re lighting up the blood-brain barrier with surreal live sets or through game-changing record releases, Rabbit In The Moon is always a spectacle that’s not to be missed.