Floret Loret Drops “Prosper” EP

Floret Loret is ready to captivate with his Prosper EP, featuring four boundary-shattering bass offerings, due out on Bassrush Records. Listen to it now HERE.

Operating out of Florida, Floret Loret is the exhilarating project powered by the captivating mind of Fernando Loret de Mola. His ambitious approach to making future-forward bass music has allowed him to dig up a healthy plot of land for himself within the left-field lane. After establishing some street cred over the last couple of years, the blossoming artist recently sprouted up on the Bassrush imprint by way of an ethereal and painstakingly complex half-time creation called “Nu Bloom,” which found a home on the label’s second installment of their ‘Prophecy’ compilation. Now, he’s ready to thrive even further by making bold new strides on his aptly titled ‘Prosper’ EP.

“This set of songs are a step toward a new direction for my sound,” says Floret Loret. “Continuing to grow from the previous EPs, ‘Secluded Garden’ and ‘Tangled Roots’, I wanted to push these next tunes further and experiment more with my tools. This EP will take you on a bitcrush-y, melodic, low-end bass-engulfing. Journey.”

The mental excursion he guides us along takes on a conceptual foundation built around the germination process of a plant, an appropriate play on a theme that extends into the namesake of his pseudonym. It kicks off with the aforementioned number, “Nu Bloom,” which acts as an introductory for anyone who might’ve slept on his Bassrush debut in August. He then veers into the glitchy grind on “Melted Lavender,” boasting twinkling keys that glimmer beneath the viscous ebb and flow of his molten lower frequencies. “Afterblooms” is a ripe follow-up, as it slowly shoots up from the broken ground he creates by weaving between intricate rhythmic patterns, perplexing arpeggiations, tantalizing bitcrush phrases, and pensive flourishes keeping things interesting at every turn. Lastly, he closes out the affair with the transfixing finale, “Abscissions,” with the bitter-sweet decay of mystical melodies and moldering bass arrangements closing the loop on his cohesive four-track creation.

Nu Bloom: “Old tune that I kept chipping away at. Eventually,
I had a breakthrough for the second drop after coming up with the first. Super fun to mess around with and enjoyed the melody.”

Melted Lavender: “I really love the melody throughout the entire tune and kept building on it. I wanted to make something more exciting for the second half, so that deep gritty bass was perfect.”

Afterblooms: “I literally named this after writing ‘Nu Bloom’ and wanted to keep certain elements from that tune and expand on it. All the textures, melodies, and bouncy basses really tied everything together.”

Abscissions: “This song was just experimenting with a kick being thrown through Izotope Trash over 100 times and eventually coming up with some weird sounds. The whole tune was an accident but super fun to mess around with.”

Growing up, Fernando Loret de Mola found inspiration in his father’s ‘green-thumb’ ability to make anything thrive in their garden. When he sprouted as an aspiring producer in 2018, Loret de Mola quickly earned a similar recognition by consistently yielding dynamic results regardless the influence or genre. This is represented in his early, compelling reworks and the vigorously contrasting remix of Ivy Lab’s “Jagged Roots” as well as the stunning and beautiful collaboration with Zeds Dead “Reason.”

Initially cultivating a captivated and supporting audience via Soundcloud, Floret Loret’s recent releases with Phuture Collective, Below The Surface, Deadbeats, BASSRUSH and Mau5trap have pumped his music to a national audience. He’s played before thousands at festivals like Okeechobee and EDC, and provided support for renowned acts like G Jones, Minnesota and Eprom. On his debut EP, Tangled Roots, as well as his follow up, Secluded Gardens, Floret Loret demonstrates his blend of emotional soundscapes and unique experimental energy. As he continues to clock in the long hours at mastering his craft, it’s becoming glaringly obvious that Floret Loret is well passed the flowering phase in what looks to be an illustrious career.