Donovan Melero Debuts New Solo Single, “That City”

Photo: Ken Raymundo

Donovan Melero has long been considered a torchbearer in the world of progressive rock. Today, the dynamic songwriter and Hail The Sun frontman revealed another layer to his creativity with the release of his latest solo single “That City” – a heartfelt, spatially composed ballad, accented by beautifully arranged vocal harmonies and charged piano progressions. “That City” explores the complexities of a relationship with a significant other who lives across the world and its inevitable end. It’s an intimate look into the mind of an artist who has always put his creations ahead of his personal life and the consequences that he succumbed to as a result of that. It explores existential questions of loneliness and what the future holds for someone such as Donovan who obsesses over the art he creates. You can listen to it now on Melero’s YouTube channel or via your preferred streaming platform.

Quote from Donovan Melero about “That City”:

“I’ve never been more aware about how my life may fit with another person’s for only a window of time, because of my own aggressive pursuits of what I want to accomplish.”