Elder Island Release New Single, “Feral”

Carving out a genre-defying space for themselves in our musical landscape, Elder Island captivate with shapeshifting songs wherein textures matter as much as melodies and lyrics are littered with crypticism. The trio’s music cherry-picks and transforms elements from genres as diverse as electronica, house, pop and neo-soul. The result is a web of sound that threads poetic lyricism and unfamiliar instruments over a backdrop of electronic elements and synth-heavy dance beats.

The first glimpse and a taster from the upcoming album is single “Feral” (backed by the R&B-inspired harmonies of B-side “Absolute”).

A dramatic track, it builds towards a crescendo with inexorable, synth-lead force. “It’s got a driving aggressive sound that’s quite dark, and then this light bossa nova beat that goes along with it,” explains bassist Luke Thornton. “The song is inspired by childhood memories of fear, so the track has become a juxtaposition between darkness and light.”

In a nod to the classic double-sided cassette and vinyl singles, Elder Island also release B-side “Absolute.” Juxtaposing the intensity of the A-side, “Absolute” is the antidote to “Feral,” a drifting synth-led track floating melodically through soft, choral vocals, which nevertheless maintains an unrelenting 4/4 beat.