Mako Releases New Single, “Ocelot”

Mako has returned with another intriguing offering “Ocelot“, an indie-dance track with pop sensibilities that continues to paint a vivid picture of what is to come on the esteemed musician’s forthcoming sophomore album, Fable, slated for release in early December.

The high-octane record opens with a stunningly memorable acoustic guitar riff propelled by a catchy soundscape of handclaps and percussion over which Seaver’s emotively saccharine vocal effortlessly glides, as the track builds with a driving four-on-the-floor rhythm into an electro-pop anthem.

“Ocelot” serves as a true testament to Mako’s totally unique artistic vision, as well as his ever-evolving sound as a producer. Following a string of 6 singles, Seaver once again proves that he has evolved to a point that his work is no longer restrained by being a part of any musical genre.

Says Seaver, “I started the idea for Fable on a pretty unusual and meaningful trip to Norway, literally stowed away on an empty farm for a little while. Everything was intense and thoughtful at the time. My close friends made a surprise trip to meet me in Stockholm after I was done – not much to say here except for a legendary few days of partying. This song was written about that break in the trip, with us running around town doing god knows what. I love it for Fable because I personally feel like it’s such an infectious side-note in an otherwise pretty somber and deliberate collection of songs, which is just what that week in Sweden meant to me.”