PREMIERE: Whitehall Release Stay Home Session of “Good Guy”

Photo: Mia Naome Photography

Just last month, South Carolina based indie-rock band Whitehall announced their signing to Common Ground Collective with the release of their new single, “Good Guy.” The track, which tackles feelings of frustration and self doubt, couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time during a tumultuous year, and was released alongside a vibrant, warm and fun loving music video, which can be seen now HERE. The band said of the single, “We really hope that we can help validate and reassure people in their own frustrations and existentialism and also help people to rock out a bit. We think it’s great to do both of those things at once and feel some catharsis in that.”

Today, Whitehall has returned with a special Stay Home Session for the song, recorded in an intimate at-home setting in their living room. As for the inspiration behind the Stay Home Session? The band explained, “With everyone stuck at home we thought it’d be great to show ourselves working from home too. We write all our music and practice at home so it felt like a great way to connect and let people into our personal space.”

Watch the video below!

“Good Guy” will not be the last that fans hear from Whitehall anytime soon, either. With more tricks up their sleeves and more new music on the way, the band expressed, “There are some new songs that will be airing very soon, stay tuned to see our living room again!”

So you’ve heard of indie rock? Whitehall is like that stuff, but while they disarm you with their crispy and rich sounds, they’re relaying the complexity of their lives and of your own. Whitehall plays songs about things like sinking ships, being on edge, and forgetting your own name in a way that’s familiar but with striking tightness and chaotic precision. This Charleston, SC quartet wraps their earnest songs with bright and hearty music, taking a killer live show everywhere they go.

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