Elder Island Reveal Visual for “Feral”

Elder Island have released an eerie new music video for their haunting single “Feral,” the first taste of new music from their upcoming sophomore album. The striking visual brings to life the uncomfortable dread of childhood nightmares, laced with anxiety and the fear of what awaits when you finally fall asleep.

Reminiscent of a short film, the music video embraces the paranormal and the sinister discomfort of vast, desolate landscapes. Directed by Jordan Martin who has worked with the likes of Fontaines DC, IDLES, Heavy Lungs, Two Door Cinema Club and Bastille, the video centers around a flickering fireside and the band as cult-esque figures, barefoot and shrouded in the dark. Filmed on the outskirts of Bristol, it moves between haunted outhouses, vacant grounds and Hitchcock-styled chiaroscuro driving scenes with a permeating sense of dread, visually exploring the burden of childhood nightmares.

“It was a great opportunity to work with the band on creating a spooky cinematic seance and build our own world around the song and lyrics… We wanted to nod at old horror tropes but put our own spin on it. Incredible fun to make, convertibles, contortions and sleep deprivation!” – Jordan Martin, Director

Set in the peripheral space between dreams and nostalgia, “Feral” soundtracks waking up in the middle of the night and feeling like you may not be alone. Raw and unflinching, the track paints a vivid picture as Katy Sargent’s otherworldly vocals interweave with David Havard’s dark, flickering synths and the creeping pulse of Luke Thornton’s twist on the bossa nova beat.

“We wiggled a camera into the moments between waking and sleep. We paid homage to the horror films that broke into our childhood. We got cold feet standing in the dewy grass. It was a pleasure.” – Elder Island