Frontside Release New Single, “Einstein Killed Me”

Progressive pop-punk band Frontside have released a new single today, “Einstein Killed Me,” an honest banger about having to break up with a significant other. Stream it now below.

Walter Stanley of Frontside shares about the single, “‘Einstein Killed Me’ is about the conflicting feelings one goes through knowing that you need to break things off with a significant other yet dread having to do it. It’s sonically a fun track that we are excited to finally get to share with everyone!”

“Einstein Killed Me” comes off of the band’s forthcoming EP, Closer to Closure, due out on February 5, 2021 via Revival Recordings. Pre-order the EP now here.

Frontside is a North Carolina based band formed back in 2008. The band came together with the common goal-to create music that would not only be catchy for any listener but would also satiate their urge to add a more technically impressive dimension to their songs. After a few EP’s and an album, Frontside was prepped to continue pushing their music and take the band to the next level.

Earlier this year, 2020, they recorded their forthcoming EP, which consists of 5 songs that the band had written prior to CAFFTPY, though they have been rearranged and re-recorded to match the sonic standards the group now holds.

Closer to Closure is slated to be released on February 5, 2021.