Heather Hills Releases New Single, “Get Dun”

Electro-pop/rap artist, Heather Hills, has released the new single and video, “Get Dun,” on the Trans Trenderz label. If you’re looking for trauma porn, “Get Dun” is not the song for you. “I got a cute beat and I just wanted to make the girls dance!” Hills says. “I wanted to show JOY, because that’s not the narrative people look for from us.” Sonically inspired by Azealia Banks, all of the writers and producers of the song are Black Trans people.

When Hills was born, she “came out with a puff of fairy glitter,” according to her mother. That vibe is ever-present in her sound, which embodies her simultaneously quirky and prissy aesthetic. A small-town girl with big-city dreams, Hills seeks to make music for fellow outcasts. She knows what it’s like to adapt by changing her outside appearance to fit in, while never sacrificing her character or compromising who she truly is.

Signing to Trans Trenderz in the summer of 2020, Hills was elated at the chance to truly be herself and make the music she wanted to. “Life taught me that everything that I am will hinder my progress. If I wanted to move forward successfully, I would have to mold myself into an ever-changing idea,” she says of her time putting out music before this new endeavor. “This opportunity, to me, presents itself as an award for always refusing to conform. It represents the value in following your OWN path and showing the world that what makes you different, makes you powerful.”

Hills’ Trans Trenderz debut, “Splash,” a collaboration with label-mates Jae, Jupiter Gray, Lady Londyn and Blxck Cxsper (who is also the label’s founder), debuted with Paper Magazine. As always, Hills showed up transparently and unapologetically. “I had to make sure my verse was promoting independence and self-confidence, ‘cause that’s how the song makes me feel,” she told the magazine.

“Get Dun” is a new rendition of a song from Hills’ 2018 debut EP, Tgirls. Produced by Blxck Cxsper and recorded at Studio G Brooklyn, this is the second release of Trans Trenderz’s Ghostly Beats Project, which pairs Black Trans artists with high caliber industry allies, from producers to graphic designers, to bring the music of this traditionally marginalized community into the mainstream. The first single of the project, “Bloody Hands,” by folk-soul artist, Apollo Flowerchild, was hailed by Billboard as “hypnotic… their haunting vocals soar over an acoustic melody.” “There isn’t one way to look or sound Trans, and we want our repertoire to showcase that,” says Blxck Cxsper. “People in our communities are groundbreakers and we are expecting genres to mash and merge and new sounds to be created.”

“Get Dun” is about Black Trans People turning up and having fun. Hills sums it up: “I hope everyone who hears this track has as much fun listening to it as I had writing/recording it!”