Rob Kovacs Releases Debut Single, “Here In The Future”

ndie rock pianist and singer-songwriter, Rob Kovacs, has released his debut solo single, “Here In The Future,” today, November 20, 2020. “A song of frustration, pain and anger, loss and rejection,” “Here in the Future” is about the end of a relationship, and wondering how you’ll feel years from now, Kovacs explains. “Everything we had was discarded. All that could have been, has been erased. Will I always feel the same? Will the love ever dissipate? Will I have regretted this? Will she regret her choices?”

A multi-faceted talent who embraces his inner nerd, Kovacs’ works have ranged from daring classical feats and compositions to recreations of music from video games to vulnerable originals. He has a storied history of bands, monikers, and awards and recognition, but is now taking a step into original music under his own name. “Every job I’ve taken, every gig I’ve done, every song I’ve written, every project I’ve been a part of, has helped me grow as a musician, composer, songwriter and performer, but now I’m ready to use my own name,” he explains of the decision to step out as a solo artist. “I can’t hide behind it and distance myself from it if I decide I don’t like it later, I can’t change it down the road. In a way, it’s a commitment to myself. The music I write is a reflection of me.”

Growing up, Kovacs was inspired by his older sister to learn the piano. He wrote his first song at the age of 10, recorded his first piano album in 7th grade to give to friends, and has been making music ever since. While studying piano on scholarship at Baldwin-Wallace University, Kovacs became the first pianist to perform both parts of Steve Reich’s Piano Phase, simultaneously using two pianos to accomplish the feat. He moved forward with classical compositions, won awards for film scores, and found some of his first successes with a band in Return of Simple. Since then, Kovacs has found success as a film score composer and sound designer for video games. Under the moniker 88bit, he records and performs note-for-note piano arrangements of Nintendo soundtracks.

With “Here In The Future,” Rob Kovacs establishes himself as a true master of his instrument and a writer who is able to wield the language of music fluently.