DASHA Releases New Single, “Better Than She Did”

Rising pop artist, DASHA has released her new single, “Better Than She Did“. The 00’s R&B/pop infused track, which speaks on DASHA’s fears of abandonment and being replaced, can be heard now below.

Beginning with subtle guitar plucking, DASHA quickly fills “Better Than She Did” with captivating vocal ornamentations and a perfectly packaged production. As an award winning songwriter, DASHA’s words show a dexterity that is as clever as it is devastating.

On the heartbreaking song’s inspiration she explains, “Confusion, jealousy and nostalgia are the predominant emotions when I was writing it. Writing this song allowed me to call him out for his actions – I was pretty hurt when I wrote it and I think you can tell.”

With this release DASHA continues to craft her sound to inspire women to get more involved in music. “I’ve always been surrounded by women that are just so unafraid to get what they want. I guess I picked that up.”