Sam Williams Releases New Song, “SHUTEYE”

Nashville singer/songwriter ​Sam Williams​ shares his brand new song “​SHUTEYE​.” The song was co-written by Sam himself, alongside Jason Gantt and Brandy Clark, and it was also produced by Gantt. “​SHUTEYE​” is available everywhere ​HERE​ and watch the lyric video ​below​.

“‘SHUTEYE’ is the sorrow you feel in the middle of the night. Sometimes when your heart needs rest, your guilt and your mind won’t allow it. Sometimes you shatter on the inside – and that’s alright,” says Sam​. “I wrote this last summer but I wanted to share some with y’all before the official album singles come. Like us, songs are living, breathing and changing organisms and they take new meanings as the days go by. Thank y’all for being patient with me in this season. In due time, we’ll be fine.”

Back in October, Sam shared his most recent single, “​The World: Alone,​” in honor of his late sister Katie Williams’ 28th birthday. Though the song was written over a year ago, “​The World: Alone​” took on a new meaning for Williams in the wake of Katie’s passing as he reflected on the fragility of life. Listen to “​The World: Alone​” now ​HERE​.

The grandson of country pioneer Hank Williams and the son of outlaw legend Hank Jr., Sam Williams is the latest in a long line of American originals, but he’s not here for the sake of tradition. He sings with his own singular voice and he writes in his own singular style, fusing gut-wrenching honesty and plainspoken poetics with raw vulnerability and deep empathy. Suffering such a sudden loss this year has been profoundly devastating for Williams, but the journey of grief and self-discovery he has found himself on has led to a deeper understanding of his purpose in life and inspired him to honor his legacy with truth and integrity.