Lauren Auder Shares New Single, “Heathen”

London-based singer/songwriter Lauren Auder shares her sprawling new single “Heathen” via True Panther and Harvest Records. One of 2020’s most compelling breakout stars, Auder has also announced that her highly anticipated third EP 5 Songs for the Dysphoric will arrive on February 12.

“I think this may be my favourite song I’ve ever worked on,” says Auder. “It’s about longing for a test run before life proper. Learning to accept that all we get is a 9 month long bomb shelter before you’re very much in the world. Hoping you enjoy x”

“Heathen,” produced by Clams Casino (Vince Staples, Lil B) and Dviance, unfolds in urgent beats, frenetic textures, and oceanic guitar work. As the song builds to a furious crescendo, Auder delivers a moody yet rhythmic vocal performance, fully immersing the listener in her vast inner world. Like much of 5 Songs for the Dysphoric, “Heathen” marks a deliberate departure from the ornately composed pop of Auder’s past projects and finds her revisiting such formative inspirations as the early-2000s cloud-rap scene.

“For a while there was a part of me that really wanted to prove to myself that I could make a record that was very orchestral and flowery—it was a challenge that I needed to face,” Auder explains. “This EP is almost a return to the way I first started making music, and I allowed myself to work with more traditional pop structures and more electronic influences.”

Made with producers/co-writers like Danny L Harle (Charli XCX, Clairo), Tobias Jesso Jr (HAIM, King Princess) and Clams Casino, 5 Songs for the Dysphoric follows Auder’s acclaimed EP two caves in (a 2020 release praised by them. for its “elegant baroque-pop”). Along with “Heathen” and “Unseen,” 5 Songs for the Dysphoric features the previously released singles “Quiet” (hailed by Idolator as a “deceptively majestic love song”) and “Animal” (a November release that Clash called “stark and uncompromising,” noting Auder’s “tendency to draw the most forward-thinking production talent into her orbit”). Full track listing below.

“Heathen” premieres just days after the release of Celeste’s debut album Not Your Muse, whose deluxe edition includes the British singer/songwriter’s recent collaboration with Auder — an incandescent track called “Unseen.” A gorgeously hazy duet laced with dreamy saxophone tones, “Unseen” feat. Celeste also appears on 5 Songs for the Dysphoric.

Auder also recently collaborated with singer/songwriter Caroline Polachek on a new rendition of “Some Small Hope,” originally by Virginia Astley & Ryuichi Sakamoto ft. David Sylvian. 100 percent of the song’s proceeds were donated to Shelter Partnership Los Angeles, Mermaids UK, and Shelter UK.

Track Listing – 5 Songs For The Dysphoric
1. Animal
2. Heathen
3. Quiet
4. Small Ghosts
5. Unseen Ft. Celeste