carobae Releases New Single, “I Don’t Even Care (Pick Me Up)”

Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and producer carobae (Caroline Baker) has released “I Don’t Even Care (Pick Me Up)” – the second single from The Longest Year: Part Two EP. “I Don’t Even Care (Pick Me Up)” is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt like they have no fucks left to give. Highlighting the pressures of “everybody’s telling me it’s reckless,” carobae’s lyrics candidly capture the emotions of a momentary need to let go of control, unapologetically admitting that “sometimes all I wanna feel is wanted / fuck around without a label on it / like I don’t care.”

Like her last single, “Ur Ex From College,” “I Don’t Even Care (Pick Me Up)” emphasizes how the rising indie-darling has built a deeply intimate connection with her listeners who have rocketed her to over 32 million streams and the cover of Spotify’s Fresh Finds Playlist. Like many of her previous singles, including “i don’t miss you” and “rock bottom” from her debut mixtape songs from 3am which gathered over 20 million organic streams and “When All My Friends Move Away” from The Longest Year: Part One, “I Don’t Even Care (Pick Me Up)” uses relatable and vibrant songwriting to capture the raw emotions experienced during the most intimate moments of our early 20’s.

You can click HERE to watch a recently released live performance of “i don’t miss u” filmed in the back of a car outside of Nashville. carobae also recently launched “Caro Explains It all” – a “how to” series that spotlights some of her favorite production techniques. The hard working and innovative artist is no doubt one to watch as she continues to solidify her spot as a coveted triple-threat writer, producer and performer. Stay tuned for more music and announcements from carobae including her other exciting project called TRAMP STAMPS – PRESS HERE to watch the official music video for “Sex With Me” and PRESS HERE to listen to the punk band’s covers of “Beverly Hills” and “All The Small Things.”