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February Shows

Winter might be slow when it comes to tours and concerts stopping through town, but in Denver, the live music scene never really stops. Despite cold weather and the inevitable late season blizzard, there are still plenty of shows that are worth braving chilly temperatures for in February!

7 colorado locals 7 touring artists you need to see in april

With the Summer concert season right around the corner, it’s no surprise that there are a ton of incredible shows all over Colorado this month! From intimate local shows to some of the first Red Rocks concerts of the season and some of the biggest up-and-comers playing small stages across the state, April is all about branching out and checking out some new music, and we have quite a few recommendations for you. 

6 denver shows you dont want to miss in january 2016

If you’re like us and hate getting stuck inside your house during the gloomy winter months, you’ve probably been searching high and low for something to keep you busy – preferably a good show. Although there are significantly less touring bands coming through town this time of the year, there are still quite a few shows worth braving the cold and the snow to start off the new year on a good foot!