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Halfway through their set at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazzara said what we all were thinking – “I know many of you are here for nostalgic purposes.” To an extent, it was true. Having grown up listening to the four bands on this year’s Taste of Chaos lineup (Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Saosin and The Early November) not only was this show the perfect excuse for me to finally catch a concert at Red Rocks for the first time, but it almost felt like a high school reunion. However when Lazzara continued, his words seemed to spark something inside of many of the twenty and thirty-somethings in the crowd. “We were there when you got your driver’s license, we were there when you began to explore your bodies in the back of your dad’s car, when you did or did not go to college, and we’re not going anywhere.” As it turns out, we’re still those same emo teenagers at heart.