On Repeat Release Brand New Single, “Minus”

Denver/Boulder’s On Repeat have released a brand new single entitled “Minus.” The track is the band’s first new material since their 2015 debut EP, The Mighty Unkind

Minus comes out to almost six minutes in length and is the band’s first track to feature a live drummer and a third writer, both titles credited to Trevor Heins.

“We were real lucky to have Trevor on this song,” remarked Blake Britton, the groups’ lyricist and vocalist. “He’s this incredibly sweet, down to earth guy. Until he picks up an instrument. Then he’s from another planet.”

The single also serves as a sonic departure for the band, according to guitarist, Jack Lamos. “I think it was just a nice break from what we usually do and it was awesome to get Trevor in on the fun. I think this is definitely the style that we’re going to try and pursue.”

Whether or not the single will lead to the band’s second EP is still unconfirmed.

You can stream the new single in its entirety below: