Fox Lake Release New Single, “Death From Above”


Denver’s Fox Lake have released their explosive new single, “Death From Above.” The song marks the band’s first new music of 2018 and comes just before they set out to record their debut EP later this summer. 

Of the track, the band said, “Death From Above is all about the acceptance of pain. Life always seems like it has a safety net. Like if something were to really go wrong that there would be something, or someone, that would save you. But that’s not always the case and this song is about coming to terms with that. If you fail; you fail. No authority, no medicine, and no amount of money is coming to help. That is a tough realization to accept, but the strength and determination that comes from accepting that is invaluable. The song hits on both of those fronts. There is hopelessness but then there is acceptance. And with that comes inner-strength and the fighter mentality to keep going no matter how hard you’re getting hit.”

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