Say Hi Release Music Video for New Single, “I Just Wanna Go Home”


Say Hi have released the music video for “I Just Wanna Go Home,” the brand new single from their forthcoming Caterpillar Centipede album out Friday, September 7 on Euphobia Records (pre-order).

Eric Elbogen, the band’s only member, writes:“Behold! I have made a rock music video. Do you like dancing skeletons? Hair? Monochrome Wookie cousins? Wizard beards? Panda puppets? Monster puppets? Mid-century modern interiors? Cloned Erics? Anthemic guitars? Prince Valiant mop tops? Sea captains? Well then, I think this rock music video might be for you.” 

As is the case with “Every Gauge Is On Empty,” the record’s first single (which debuted in June), Elbogen has toned down the synthesizers on “I Just Wanna Go Home,” opting for more of a rock guitar sound that hearkens back to the early ‘90s alternative bands that inspired him to start playing music in the first place. It’s over these grungy guitars that Elbogen croons about wanting to escape a cartoonishly-hostile, toxic world and retreat to the safety of what he remembers as a calm and nurturing home environment.

Immediately following the release of Caterpillar Centipede, Say Hi with embark on an intimate five-week living room tour, performing stripped down acoustic songs from the entire Say Hi catalog. These will take place in private spaces and each show will be limited to 40-60 people. Tickets for these shows will be on sale on August 1. A full listing of dates can be found below with more information HERE

Say Hi had the following to share about the new album:

“A centaur named David Bowie came to me in a dream. ‘I like the Werewolf Diskdrive record,’ he said, ‘but the world isn’t quite ready for it.’ He was talking about the experimental art project and sci-fi rap album that I’d introduced last year, following the retirement of Say Hi. The centaur looked and sounded like Bowie, so I was listening. ‘The thing is,’ he continued, ‘the universe needs something different right now.’ I could tell, before he even said it, that he was going to try to convince me to revive Say Hi. I stared pensively into the dream-state distance, contemplating the details necessary to make that revival happen. ‘You certain about this?’ I finally asked. ‘Yep,’ the magical creature declared, ‘just be sure you call the new record Caterpillar Centipede, because it needs to worm its way into their hearts in whatever way possible.”  [Read the rest HERE]

Say Hi will be making appearances in the following markets on his fall, five-week-long living room tour starting in mid-September. Dates below with more info to be released soon. 

September 14 : Vancouver, BC
September 15 : Portland, OR
September 16 : San Francisco, CA
September 20 : Los Angeles, CA
September 21 : San Diego, CA
September 22 : Phoenix, AZ
September 23 : Albuquerque, NM
September 24 : Dallas, TX
September 25 : Austin, TX
September 26 : Baton Rouge, LA
September 27 : Columbus, MS
September 28 : Atlanta, GA
September 29 : Raleigh, NC
September 30 : Washington DC
October 1 : Philadelphia, PA
October 3 : Brooklyn, NY
October 4 : Boston, MA
October 5 : Montreal, QC
October 6 : Toronto, ON
October 7 : Pittsburgh, PA
October 8 : Cleveland, OH
October 9 : Detroit, MI
October 10 : Nashville, TN
October 11 : Indianapolis, IN
October 12 : Chicago, IL
October 13 : St. Paul, MN
October 14 : Kansas City, MO
October 15 :  Denver, CO
October 16 : Salt Lake City, UT
October 17 : Missoula, MT
October 18 : Seattle, WA