Anna Moon Shares New Single, “Tightrope”

Anna Moon just wants to do her own thing and she’s here to remind you that you should, too. We’ve all been in toxic relationships before – whether with a friend, partner, coworker, or family member. And if 2019 has taught us anything, it’s that you have to put your mental health and personal growth first even if it means cutting the cord. With her new single Tightrope, Moon empowers us to take that major step towards liberation.

Anna Moon elaborates: “‘Tightrope,’ to me, is summed up by the first phrase of the chorus, ‘I just wanna do my own thing.’ More than just a break up song, I wrote ‘Tightrope’’about being the bigger person, trusting your gut, and letting go even when it’s hard. I want to empower people to find strength within themselves to seek happiness if you’re in a relationship that isn’t a good one. So often, we all sit in these toxic relationships too long and end up feeling devalued. My mom always told me, ‘Life is too short to not be happy,’ a message we’ve all heard at some point, but one I think we often forget. I hope this song inspires people to find inner strength and let go of a bad romance, friendship, or situations.”

Channeling the unmatched Amy Winehouse, Moon instantly commands your attention while showcasing her vocal chops and witty lyrical style. NYLON Magazine – leaders in the self-love movement and thought-provoking storytelling – revealed the “Tightrope” video and praised the rising star on the release: “Within seconds of hitting play, you’ll get a heavy dose of nostalgia from Moon’s voice… The ’50s-esque accompaniment that’s both snarky and seductive will have you ready to throw on some heels and dance away from all the fuckbois and girls; so turn the volume up and start deleting numbers from your phone.”

A perfect combination of southern charm and grit, it’s also no surprise Apple Music was one of the first to champion the singer-songwriter, making her their #WCW on their verified Instagram story shared with nearly 4M followers. Amazon Music later launched their ‘Introducing’ playlist with Anna Moon on the cover and “Tightrope” as the lead single.

Like any unapologetic Gemini, Anna Moon, doesn’t like choosing sides. Instead, the 24-year-old singer, songwriter, performer, and powerhouse pop-star-to-be opts to meld the double-edged paradoxes of her personality. “Duality is my motif,” she says. “My voice, when I sing, is very jazz. The production is very pop. My style is a mixture of modern and old school.”

It’s a motif that’s written all over the singer … almost literally. Equal parts glamour and grit, the singer – who’s based in Nashville, but whose musical marriage of vocal jazz and contemporary pop is anything but country – is obsessed with the magnetic allure of classic beauties like Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland. And yet, her arms bear sleeves of tattoos. “ELEGANCE,” spell the letters inked across her knuckles when she puts up her dukes.

The forthcoming releases, riding high on Moon’s 10,000-plus hours of experience writing and singing her own songs – which she started doing at hole-in-the-wall Atlanta area bars at age 13 — distills the singer’s dual obsessions with jazz vocal icons from Frank Sinatra and Josephine Baker to Amy Winehouse, and contemporary pop playlist dominators a la Khalid and Dua Lipa.

Drawing from influences equal parts contemporary and classic, but with an eagle eye toward the future, Moon’s music offers an infectious, inscrutable blend of sultry, blues-y crooning recommended for fans of Adele and Duffy, with a taste for unabashedly upbeat modern pop. Moon credits producer Jamie Kenney – a savant-like popsmith with a jazz background, who jumped at the opportunity to guide the record – with helping fuse the many sides of her musical personality in a way fans of all her many influences have never heard before.