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17 artists you need to see at the final vans warped tour

Since 1995, The Vans Warped Tour has been a staple in the punk and alternative music scene. The largest traveling music festival in the U.S., Warped Tour has pushed boundaries and introduced music lovers to new artists for the past twenty-three years, and although 2018 marks the festival’s final cross-country run, that doesn’t mean that they’re playing it safe.

10 denver shows you cant miss in march 2018

March is always one of the busiest months for concerts in Colorado, as it seems that all winter and spring tours make their stop in Denver this month. This year is no exception. With shows selling out all over the state right now (you’re one of the lucky ones if you snagged tickets to 3OH!3’s shows in Boulder or Fort Collins) we have decided to highlight some of the great concerts that you still have a chance to get some tickets for. Be warned though: most of these will eventually sell out, too.

Senses Fail If There Is Light It Will Find You

Sixteen years in the making, Senses Fail’s new album, If There Is Light, It Will Find You is their most personal, emotional and powerful release yet. These twelve songs find vocalist Buddy Nielsen wearing his heart on his sleeve and opening up in a way that he hasn’t since the band’s inception, tackling hard to discuss subjects of loss, grief, depression and the struggles of maintaining a band when you’re not even sure what you want out of life.

sum 41 make a triumphant return on the dont call it a sum back tour 1

Sum 41’s Don’t Call It A Sum-Back Tour has been a long time making. After having so much success with a Grammy nomination and the longest running tour of their career, Sum 41 had not only lost their spark, but they almost lost vocalist and guitarist Deryck Whibley. However, after years of soul searching, that flame was brought back tenfold. As Whibley was once again sober and out of physical therapy, he assembled his bandmates to begin on their new record. Whibley’s time through his recoveries were filled with writing material that has been used for the group’s sixth full-length album, 13 Voices, and this tour is their triumphant return!