Author: Aidan Hicks

Griselda Claire's Back Tour Review

The recent wave of rainy weather taking over Colorado oddly suited the ominous vibes Grisdela Records brought to Mission Ballroom this past week on their Claire’s Back Tour. The group of hardened street figures have spent a little under a decade conveying the hardships of coming up in Buffalo, New York through music to become one of the most talked about groups in this current generation of Hip Hop. It was needless to say there was much anticipation for the head-turning lyricism and grimmy authenticity many fans were accustomed to going into the event. After a wave of DJ’s and…

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070 Shake Denver Review

As the sun set, The Ogden Theatre set the stage for 070 Shake’s return to Colorado in a stripped back but positive and authentic performance. She returned less than a week before dropping her upcoming album, You Can’t Kill Me. 070 is currently taking part in a new touring trend of artists performing upcoming material to both understand the artist’s passion behind new work and the goal of getting fans tapped for her upcoming release. This mixed in with her classic and beloved songs brings a personal experience in building new memories with upcoming songs that makes you eager to…

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